Enjoy 10 advantages of living in Georgia country

Enjoy 10 advantages of living in Georgia country

living in Georgia country, The Republic of Georgia is located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, which makes Georgia the perfect match for those who are seeking Asian-European taste for mixed cultures, charming nature, a healthy atmosphere, and much more to represent in the next few words…

why living in Georgia country ?

1. Getting a visa for Georgia

The first step to enjoy living in Georgia country is to get a visa, which became easier to have these days.

Thanks to the newly released Georgian laws on sept,2014, it became a lot easier to get a visa for tourism in few days with simple steps in your country at any Georgian embassy or immigration bureau, or you can apply for it via the internet.

It’s a quick, reliable, and secure method to get an online visa for those who travel a lot, for whatever purpose. Alone, or with family, or friends, even if for business or special treatment.

2. Variety of living in Georgia country

When it comes to traveling concepts, ideas, plans, usually we seek countries with a variety of ways of lifestyles such as a calm country, or elegant modern lifestyle, or maybe wildlife.

But make sure that Georgia has it all. A wonderful experience is waiting to be explored.

There are many styles of living in Georgia country, one more thing to unleash your excitement about living in Georgia country.

3. Tbilisi, Georgia’s most likable city

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, well-known city, crowned with the classic Georgian heritage and old European geometrical buildings touched by the countryside style, it has a lot of local markets and cozy small shops, it’s the beating heart of Georgia, and definitely, tourists’ sweetheart and their first destination when visiting in Georgia.

It’s a unique city with a panoramic view that melt hearts, with its narrow streets, leafy squares, lakes, green valleys, and museums such as the Georgian National Museum, with its treasuries and scent of old Georgian history, it is a short trip to the past, and also a good way to know more about the history of Georgia.

After this rapid blast of the past, there is the historical Narikala Fortress, built by Persians and Turk emirs, back to the 4Th century. Living in Georgia is more likable, you can indulge your sense and your soul at Chreli Abano which is a healthy thermal bath In Tbilisi remarkable with its Sulphur baths, if you are planning to have a spiritual natural sauna, booking online in advance is recommended.

Tbilisi is an active big city, with bigger choices and opportunities for all its local people, tourists, and the immigrant community.

Georgia’s population is nearly 5 million, it’s a good thing, despite its narrow old streets, it never gets crowded like big cities such as Detroit or Los Angeles.

4. Georgia country on your budget radar

Yet, it’s the most important thing to know “Is living in Georgia country affordable for all?”

Well, this is a “Million dollar’s question”, maybe living in Georgia country is not that cheap nor expensive too.

It depends on how you live and how smart you are when it comes to Georgian’s amazing places starting from old countryside markets and mini-shops to the most expensive hotels with its luxurious styles.

The currency of Georgia is the Georgian lari.

the good thing about the Georgian Lari is that it equals 0.35 USD. Good news for low budget travelers, tourists, and of course for the locals and residents too. Food and drinks are very affordable and tasty at the same time.

Whether if it is street food or at fancy restaurants. Not to mention, country motels and mediocre hotels are affordable and suitable for the majority. Georgia doesn’t have minimum wage regulations. According to that, the average monthly salary is estimated at 500 US Dollars. This is another proof that living in Georgia country is affordable for both locals and visitors.

5. Georgia over the years

When we talk money, surely, it grabs investors’ attention, let’s have a close look at Georgia’s economic structure.

First of all, the majority of the Georgian population are Georgians 85% and a minority of Armenians, Azerbaijanis, and others.

Let’s rewind the clock to have a good look at the Georgian multiple dynasties we can see that this country has encountered many cultures from old European to the soviet era.

its beautiful terrain, diversity of climate, and its location on black Sea and the silk road brought Georgia to the wine industry and many other industries such as mining minerals in gold, silver, copper, and iron in the Caucasus mountains.

6. Georgia aftermath

after the soviet era the Georgian governments tried to make a huge leap of faith to transfer its economic structure to the free market which represents a huge opportunity for foreign investors to create a stable business in a healthy economic environment after years of conflicts the Georgians already had encountered over the years, especially in the Soviet era.

Add to that, the tourism and agricultural industries are very flourishing because of the diversity of climate, topography and, of course, the variety of historical eras and races.

A very astonishing country with excellent infrastructure and historic churches, cathedrals, ancient fortress, lakes, and shores and mineral baths made Georgia’s economy goes enormously by 2008 the number of visitors had exceeded more than 4 million, and increasing year by year.

7. Real estate industry in Georgia walkthrough

 We can say that investing money in real estate is another way to make money due to its cheap cost, but when it comes to renting a single room if you are an immigrant or foreign student, for example, it may cost you 200 USD per month which is expensive in Georgia but still cheaper than other European countries.

Last but not least, living in Georgia country is turning to a good, easy, and healthy at all scales.

8. the Georgian heritage

the diversity of cultures always breeds brand new trends in fashion, food, entertainment of any kind. But food in Georgia is related to how the Georgian people used to live.

The national tradition is to make a “supra” is some sort of a feast that brings every family together to eat and talk about their day, of course, the Georgian wine is involved to enrich the traditional way of living in Georgia country and tied to oriental Christian Georgian touch.

9. the Georgian cuisine

the cuisine has some similarities to Persian and other Caucasus cuisines in the region. Plus, eating and drinking are very related to their culture and traditions. On the other hand, the national dish is “Abysta” of Abkhazia and toast which is served by the toastmaster on the day of “supra” feast for all the family, friends, and guests. Another gesture that reflects the kindness of the people of Georgia and how living in Georgia country is more likely these days far from the loudness of fast cold lifestyle.

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